Tai Le

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  • Vietnam beat Thailand 2-1 in Agribank soccer tournament
    People's Daily Online, China -
    ... Eight minutes into the second half, Tai Em passed the ball from near the field's center to striker Le Cong Vinh who had a tactful coordination with striker Le ...
  • Fundraiser to help Liberian war victims
    Miami Herald (subscription), FL -
    ... pm Thursday, $5; Qi Kung class is at 10 am Saturdays, $10; Tai Chi is ... Mark's Lutheran Church, 3930 Le Jeune Rd., 305-444-0425: Traditional service and Sunday ...
  • Viet Nam stuns Thailand in Cup
    Viet Nam News, Vietnam -
    ... a 1-0 lead at the 25th minute when midfielder Phan Van Tai Em opened ... In the break, Viet Nam’s Brazilian coach Edson Tavares substituted strikers Le Huynh Duc ...
  • Business Editors/Health/Medical Writers
    Le Figaro, France -
    ... docteur en médecine et titulaire d'un doctorat), inventeur du Tubercin, M. CC Chung (fils du Dr Tai Ho Chung) et le Dr David Chai (titulaire d'un doctorat). ...
  • Vietnam edge Thai selection
    Football Asia, Hong Kong -
    HANOI - Goals by Phan Van Tai Em and Le Cong Vinh helped Vietnam’s national team to beat a Thailand Selection 2-1 in the opening match of the Agribank Cup ...
Tai Le is the name of a langauge and the script used to write that language in parts of the Yunnan Province of China, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and possibly other countries. Tai Le is the native designation; both the language and the script are known by many other names including Tai Nüa, Tai Neua, Tai Mau, Tai Kong, Tai Dehong, Shan, and perhaps most commonly, the Chinese designation Dehong Dai. It should not be confused with Tai Lu/Thai Lue.

The Tai Le script, sometimes called Liek, supposedly has existed since the 1300's, although it is undocumented. It is an alphabet. The Tai Le script has been reformed at least once in the 1900's, although some texts may still be printed using an older orthographic convention for marking the 6 tones used in the language, using Latin diacritical marks over the final letter of the syllable.

The modern Tai Le alphabet contains 30 letters, as well as 5 tone marks (tone-1 is left unmarked). Tai Le is encoded in the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode at u1950-u1974.


The Tai Le numerals are similar to Myanmar numerals; they are in fact unified with Myanmar's numerals in Unicode (u1040-u1049) despite some glyph variations.